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Don't Be Arrogant - A Frog and Swans Story

A pair of swans was ready to leave a drought lake. A frog asked the swans to take him together. But, the swans were confused how to take the frog together.

The frog had a brilliant idea. "You both bite tip of the root of this grass, and I'll bite the middle of it. Then take me fly." The swans agreed. Then, they were flying to the sky.

In the sky, a group of birds praising their ingenuity & asked them. "You're really smart, who got this briliant idea?". The frog replied proudly, "This is my idea."
At that time, the frog lost his bite. The frog was falling down and die.

Praise is like a two edged sword. Can be productive if addressed with humility ; become a motivation to do better.

But it can also be counterproductive if addressed with arrogancy. So take the praise with self-control. Without self-control, we will be easily intoxicated by the praise. Covetous of praise is the beginning of the ruination.

Praise is like a chewing gum. It should be enjoyed but DO NOT swallow it !

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