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Ajahn Brahm On The Issue Of The End Of The World

Has Ajahn Brahm ever felt lonely? This question was asked by audience in a talk show entitled "All is Well" by Ajahn Brahm. The event was attended by over 5000 people in Jakarta, on March 18, 2012.

With a humourous style, London-born monk, who led the monastery in Australia was shaking his head. "How can I feel lonely if there were four people around me..."

Ajahn Brahm admitted that he was even feel difficult to find time for himself, especially after the talk show.

"In Hong Kong, I could not go to the restroom because followed by audiences who asked to take picture together. When one allowed, others are also asking for," he said.

Among his funny comments, he says, "I never felt lonely because I am always accompanied by a true friend, that is me. At bedtime, I greet him, "Good night, Ajahn Brahm...sleep well". When I wake up in the morning, I greet, "Good morning, me ...". If you do that, then you will never feel lonely."

About the issue of the end of the world in 2012, Ajahn Brahm who become a forest monk in Thailand for nine years dodged, "In 2012, that is according to Mayan calculations (almanac). In Buddhism, this is the year of 2555. Thai language for five is "ha". So this is the year of 'two hahaha'...."
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