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The Coke Story - Your Environment Determines Your Price

There were 3 cans of coke. All 3 cans were manufactured from the same factory.

During the day of delivery, a truck came to the factory, loaded all the cans of coke and headed off to different locations for distribution.

The first stop was actually a local supermarket. The first can of coke was unloaded there. It was displayed on the shelf together with many other cans of coke and it was labeled $0.80.

The second stop for the delivery truck was a big shopping centre. There, the second can of coke was unloaded. It was placed inside a fridge to keep it cool and was being sold for $1.50.

The last stop for the delivery truck was a luxurious 5-star hotel. The third can of coke was unloaded there. This can of coke was not put on the shelf or a fridge. This can of coke was supposed to be taken out only when there was an order from a customer. And when it was taken out, it came with a crystal glass filled with ice cubes. It was served together on a platter and the hotel waiter would be the one who opened the can of coke, pour it on the glass and then politely served it to the customer. It was worth $12.

Why do the 3 cans of coke have different prices although they were manufactured by the same factory, delivered by the same truck and they even have the same taste ?

Your environment determines your price.

Bill Gates earns millions of dollars every day as the founder of Microsoft. If he decides to work as a barber, do you think there would be anyone who wants to pay him a million dollars to cut their hair?

Same person, same talent, same capability) + Different Environment = Different Worth

The challenge for you to increase your worth is not only by advancing your academic qualifications or by enhancing your skills or by increasing your contacts, but also to determine which kind of environment you want to work in.

Do you want to work as an entrepreneur or just as an employee?

The right choice will multiply your worth a few times.

The wrong choice will limit your worth no matter how hard you work.

From A Gift From A Friend - Merry Riana
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