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Harley King

"May your journey through life be vibrant and full of colorful rainbows."

— Harley King

American Poet & Speaker

1949 -

Do you live in a black and white world?  Does everything in your life have a place and time?  Are you striving to be perfect?  Then it is time that you add a splash of color to your world.  Color brightens the heart and lightens the load.  Dance on the rainbow of love.  Sing songs of purple and violet and pink.  Drink from the fountain of red and blue and green.  Be the yellow smile on the faces of your friends.

Here is a recent poem.


I paint

the face

of God

on the back

of my lover.

Can we find

our way home

or will

we wander

the streets

of heaven forever?

She laughs

at the sound

my heart makes

when it cries.

God paints 

my face

with a silk brush.

I embrace

the darkness.
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