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Aristide Maillol

"Carving is a source of joy to the artist. . . . To attack the raw material, gradually to extract a shape out of it following one's own desire, or, sometimes, the inspiration of the material itself: this gives the sculptor great joy."

—Aristide Maillol

French Sculptor

1861 - 1944

1910 - 11

Does your creative work bring you joy?  Do you become lost in the moment?  To create something out of nothing should make you happy.  It is a gift that you have been given.  Accept the gift and enjoy it.  Enjoy the work that you do.  

Does the work you create inspire you as you are creating it?  When I am writing a story I become caught up in the moment and become excited by the ideas that are flowing through my mind.  I find joy in writing.
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