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John O'Hara

"They say great themes make great novels, but what these young writers don't understand is that there is no greater theme than men and women."

— John O'Hara

American Novelist

1905 - 1970

I just finished Andrea, a short novel, by John O'Hara.  It is the tragic story of a 20 year love affair between a man and a woman.  I also recently finished the Good Earth by Pearl Buck.  The key relationship in the novel is between a man and his wife — a relationship the man did not appreciate as much as he should have.

The best stories are about relationships.  And the best of the best stories are about the relationships between men and women.  What makes those relationships work?  Why do the relationships fail?  Think about your own life.  What relationships are the most important to you?  What relationships are you exploring in your writing?  What relationships are you exploring in your paintings?  
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