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Saul Bellow

"Everyone needs his memories.  They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door."

Canadian Novelist

1915 - 2005

Human beings have a need to feel good about themselves.  Even those who have done evil deeds have a way justifying what they have done.  They do not believe that they are bad people.  They use their memories to justify the person they have become.  And on the flip side, even the most successful and influential people sometimes feel as if they have accomplished nothing.  They remember only the negative events in their lives and become depressed.

Our memories are very powerful and they influence the lives we lead.  We all are selective in the memories that we retain.  We choose how we remember our past and what we believe about ourselves.  We are defined by one memory alone, but some of us live that way.   Choose wisely the memories that you keep and let go of those that trouble you.

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