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Harley King

"May your heart be lighter today."

American Poet, Speaker

1949 -

One year ago tomorrow I wrote my first blog entry.  Today's entry is the last entry of that first year so this quote is my wish for those who have read my blog and stayed with me.  Life is challenging and difficult.  There are many events that can break our hearts and make us want to give up on life.  I don't know what is on your heart today as you read this — maybe it is a terminal diagnosis, a divorce, the death of a loved one or maybe something as simple as a spouse who said something that hurt you. My hope is that you do not let the negativity of the world around bring you down and that you will lighten up.  The world is not coming to an end despite all the doomsday prophets who forecast the coming of the last days.  The world will go on with us or without us.  So don't fret.  Don't worry about what you cannot change.  You are still above ground and there is still hope.  

Mask 15

Pen and Ink


I have been teaching people about the importance of touching and hugging for over 20 years.  Experts say we need 8 - 12 hugs a day to be emotionally healthy.  Four hugs is minimum.  Have you received your quota for the day.  If not, go out and give someone a hug.  It can change your life one hug at a time.  And here is a blog hug from me. 

I also teach people about the importance of giving people compliments.  I teach the S-O-S technique of giving a compliment.  S = Sincere.  O = On-time.  S = Specific.  I challenge you to pay 10 different people compliments today.  About 5 years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from surgery.  My nurse was grouchy and grumpy.  I complimented her on her ring and she suddenly brightened up and said it was a gift from her husband.  She also shared that her husband had passed away five years earlier.  You don't know what is on the hearts of the people you meet, so give them a compliment and lighten their hearts.

Here is a poem that I wrote on my 62nd birthday.

A Visitor

Early this morning I opened

the front door to my home

to retrieve the daily newspaper

and found a bearded old man

asleep in a corner of the porch.

I shook him awake and

invited him in for coffee,

an omelet and buttered toast.

As he swallowed the food I had

prepared, he shared the story

of his life and I saw the years

slowly fall away until he was

young again.  In his blue eyes I saw

myself some thirty years earlier

when I too stood at a crossroads

and had decisions to make.

I gave him a thermos of coffee and

a few ham sandwiches before I bid

him farewell.  He shook my hand

and a tear rolled down my cheek.

— Harley King
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