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Jean-Francois Millet

"I want to put strongly and completely all that is necessary, for I think things weakly said might as well not be said at all."

French Painter

1814 - 1875

Potato Planters

Does your art speak with a strong, clear voice so all can hear?  Or is what you say weak, vague and uncertain?  Creative leaders need to make powerful statements through their creative works.  The world needs to know where you stand.  Don't be a shrinking violet.  I am not talking about political or religious statements.  I am talking about sharing your vision of the world — your understanding of truth, your moment of honesty.

What is the message that you want to communicate?  What is in your heart?  What is in your soul?  When we read your stories or observe your paintings, do we hear you?  Speak loud enough for us to hear.  Help us understand the person you have become.  

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