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Theodore Hesburgh

"The  very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision.  You can't blow an uncertain trumpet."

American Catholic Priest, University President

1917 - 

As a creative leader do you have a vision of what you want to achieve?  Some of you may be saying to yourself that you are not leaders.  You don't manage anyone.  You work by yourself in a studio or an office.  You wield a paint brush or a pen.  As artists and writers we are creative leaders.  Our ideas and thoughts open up new worlds for others.  Our creative ideas bring about change in the world.  So you need a vision.  You need to know where you are going and what it is that you are going to accomplish.

My vision for my life is very simple:  I choose to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of others.  I believe that in every aspect of our lives we have choices to make.  We choose our attitude even if we don't choose what happens to us.  I also believe that I cannot change someone else.  Whether they change or not is their choice.  All I can do is plant seeds of hope.  Some seeds find fertile soil and take root.  Other seeds land on hearts of stone and fail to grow.  Some may be inspired for a day, others for a month and some for a lifetime.  I simply am planting seeds.  

What is your vision for your life?  What is the legacy that you are going to leave behind?  How will you be remembered?  What lives will you touch?  What hearts will you heal?  What gifts will you give?

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