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Jerry Uelsmann

"I try to  begin working with no preconceived ideas."

American Photographer

1934 -

I have found that there are two ways that creative leaders work.  Some writers, artists, photographers plan their work.  Some writers will outline their entire book before starting to write.  Some artists will have planned their entire painting before painting the final work.  They will even do sketches of what they want to create.

Other creative leaders begin without any preconceived ideas.  They let the creative muse direct where they are going.  They start writing and let the story develop over time.  They start painting and wait to see what happens.

What are your working habits?  Do you plan everything in advance?  Or do you let the muse dictate where you are going?  Or do you do some combination of the two.

Here is a video of some of Uelsmann's surrealistic photography.

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